Norwegian Translation

For perfect Norwegian translation services, we are your address here at NovimedGroup. 

We have a base of more than 10 certified native Norwegian linguistic experts who can offer the highest quality Norwegian translations.
Our experts provide translations that are compliant to the ISO 17100:2015 ensuring the highest quality of all Norwegian translation services. 

Contact NovimedGroup now and receive a free quote or alternatively a free Norwegian translation sample.  

Our Norwegian language services include:

  • Norwegian Linguistic Validation 

  • Norwegian Medical Translation

  • Norwegian Pharmaceutical Translation

  • Norwegian Medical Document Review

  • Norwegian Hospital Translation

  • Norwegian Clinical Trial Translation 

  • Norwegian Medical Application Translation

  • Norwegian Specialized Translation

  • Norwegian Academic Translation 

The only company in the world that is specialized in medical translations, we have the finest Norwegian medical translators Aboard.

Furthermore, our Norwegian translation department has a unique feature, as all of our medical documents in Norwegian are reviewed and supervised by local Norwegian Medical doctors in various specialties: 

Cardiology, Internal Medicine, Neurology, Pediatrics, etc. 

Furthermore, our works are reviewed constantly by our separated quality assessment department, in case there is any poor outcome you will be accordingly compensated and a full report by our quality control department will be issued and recommendations will be implemented immediately.

Our Norwegian Translations are handled by our Norwegian Translation unit in Oslo, Norway. 

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