Linguistic Services

Our linguistic validation process ensures patients in target areas clearly understand translated texts. We use interviews and questionnaires to test translated medical documents for clarity and accuracy while polishing linguistic nuances.

Furthermore, we offer localization services, we run a database of patients around the world that participate in our linguistic medical research.  


Country Localization

Regional Director (MD)

Project Manager

Backward Translation

Consensus Version

Medical Translators

Patient Localization

Cognitive Debriefing Interviews

Interviews Processing - Project Manager

Finalization - Regional Director (MD)

Industries We Serve:

Pharmaceutical Companies 

We support:
  • Case report forms (CRFs) 

  • Patient-reported outcomes (PROs)

  • Informed consent forms (ICFs) 

  • Package inserts and labels

  • Development Safety Update Report (DSURs)

  • Dossiers

  • Patient recruitment materials

  • Pharmacological studies 

  • Datasheets

  • Study protocols

Hospital and Healthcare Linguistic Services

We help you meet the needs of immigrant populations in your community. Many of the 250 million international immigrants worldwide do not speak or read the language of their destination countries. Failure to provide translated texts can lead to serious health consequences for your patients. We ensure your medical information is accurately adapted into native languages.  

We translate:​
  • Hospital brochures

  • ​Discharge instructions

  • Financial assistance forms

  • ​Informed consent forms (ICFs)

  • Hospital questionnaires

  • ​Lab test results

  • Benefits

  • Medical history

  • Hospital employee manuals

  • Medical records

Patents, Devices, Regulatory Information:

We translate:
  • Package information leaflets (PILs)

  • Instructions for use (IFU)

  • Labels

  • Summary of product characteristics (SmPC)

  • Dossiers

  • Validation protocols

  • Standard operating procedures (SOPs)

Clinical Trial Linguistic Support Services

We interpret:
  • Data Sheets

  • Case report forms (CRFs)

  • Patient-reported outcomes (PROs)

  • Informed consent forms (ICFs)

  • Questionnaires

  • Study protocols

  • Medical records 

  • Regulatory documents

  • Patient diaries 

  • Patient information sheets

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