Medical translation is a very specialized field demanding attention and scrutinizing.

We are actually the first translation agency in the world That specializes in medical translations and supervised by local medical doctors.

Since we know the magnitude of our work and its importance to our clients, we know that many of our clients will like to have the chance to test us before acquiring our services. With this platform, we enable you to send us your Product and we will provide you with a free sample translation.

This video guide Will walk you through the process of submitting a request for a sample translation.

We will provide you with the sample translation within 24 hours, furthermore, we will provide you with our quotation offer with our working timeline for the project including specificities of the offer.


In case our sample translation was satisfactory, you are invited to visit our payment Portal and there you can proceed with the payment to complete your order. In case you have any further questions regarding our offer or other available payment methods please contact us on our phones:   USA (+1) 844-810-5186 / UK (+44) 020-879-80754

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